Apocalypse is abolished!


About the author

The author of the “installation – Tree of Life” is Anatoly Popov. He has lived in Naberezhnye Chelny for all his life.

Anatoly Popov was present in science laboratory of  Okhatrin Anatoly the  member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR during the crucial meeting in 1987.  At that time Anatoly Popov was an employee of the plant KAMAZ  from Naberezhnye Chelny, didn`t have his own laboratory and any science degree and he lived far from Moscow.

Inspired by the idea of creating  the “of Tree of Life installation”  he with his wife Valentina Popova were collecting scrupulously all necessary information, were  trying  to understand and to decode it. Each vacation they  spent in trips to different places in hope of finding any information about the “installation”.

He spent a lot of years on travelling to ruins of ancient temples and on decoding of ancient scrolls, architecture masterpieces and bas-reliefs. But all those trips were not in vain, the gave him a lot of new acquaintances with famous writers and travelers, searchers of the truth. As the result, A. Popov managed to find out the mention that people were told some time ago about salvational science about trees and roots which was the basis for creating  “installation” elements.

A.Popov united  all the information how to build the  “installation”. During collecting the information  it was discovered what the installation should fight against, the reasons of  Apocalypse, what things are able to move the platform of the earth and what urges the pressure in the Earth mantle and gives birth to volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami, what affects human psyche and what doesn`t allow to find peace in the whole world.

In 1990 the first Time capsule was reconstructed. The “installation – Tree of Life” was created and began its work in the town of  Naberezhnye Chelny in 1992. Later such installations were built in Omsk, Almetevsk, Orenburg, Kazan.

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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