Apocalypse is abolished!


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As it is known, nowadays  there is no device for preventing such disasters as an earthquake or a flood in sci-tech  circles in any country. Taking into consideration  the actuality and difficulties in the process of promotion of this innovative “installation”, I am addressing to you.  Everything I`m going to tell about the “installation “ is beyond natural sciences principles and laws and ,of course, will seem very strange to the way of thinking of an ordinary person. But the “installation “ exists and works despite the disbelief of official science. Further I will try to explain the origin and the working process of  “installation “ as simply as possible.

1. How did everything begin?

Who is guilty that neurons of human brain fulfill  only 4-8% of their work? Why is the number and types  of illnesses   increasing despite the enormous efforts of modern medicine? Why do wars, earthquakes,  epidemics and other disasters break out regularly? What kind of science could   defend people from all misfortunes and give back people mind and all possible  creative abilities, possessed by only a few people? The only bridge to such a science were the legends about The Golden Age. But the modern science considered the ideas of that time as a fairy-tale. Nobody was interested  in knowledge which was in mankind`s possession of that time. Though, owing to  that knowledge, there were no wars, deceases, disasters on the Earth. All people were happy, their lifetime was longer. Those legends also say that God Himself having  created the man, created the Great Universal Science for protecting the mankind from  all Cosmos threats.

Being present during that discussion Popov Anatoly, employee of the plant KAMAZ  from Naberezhnye Chelny, didn`t have his own laboratory and any science degree and he lived far from Moscow. Each vacation he spent in trips to different places in hope of finding any information about the “installation”. He spent a lot of years on travelling to ruins of ancient temples and on decoding of ancient scrolls, architecture masterpieces and bas-reliefs. But all those trips were not in vain, the gave him a lot of new acquaintances with famous writers and travelers, searchers of the truth. As the result, A. Popov managed to find out the mention that people were told some time ago about salvational science about trees and roots which was the basis for creating  “installation” elements.

A.Popov united  all the information how to build the  “installation”. During collecting the information  it was discovered what the installation should fight against, the reasons of  Apocalypse, what things are able to move the platform of the earth and what urges the pressure in the Earth mantle and gives birth to volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami, what affects human psyche and what doesn`t allow to find peace in the whole world.

2. The results.

At day time an  ordinary  person is able to see only the installation itself and its separate elements sunk into the earth. At night people see nothing. But if we use a camera of a definite exposition we will be able to see an enamors number of spheres coming out from the “installation”.
There is an enormous number of monads in the earth. They will be emerging and will be reprogrammed for many  years. If we put 12  “installations” along the Earth`s parallel between the latitude of 50-60 N, the number of monads` emergences will increase, the power of black monads will be weakened therefore there will be no reason for  the mankind to be afraid of natural disasters. This  “installation” (picture 11) is mentioned in chronicles as “Tree of Life”.

Today 4 Trees of Life are working on the Earth. They are installed in Naberezhnye Chelny, in Orenburg and Omsk regions and near  the city of Kazan.

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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