Apocalypse is abolished!


The history of creating and result

Everything I`m going to tell about the “installation “ is beyond natural sciences principles and laws and ,of course, will seem very strange to the way of thinking of an ordinary person. But the “installation “ exists and works despite the disbelief of official science. Further I will try to explain the origin and the working process of  “installation “ as simply as possible.

How did everything begin?

The history of appearing of the “installation “ began in the science laboratory of  Okhatrin Anatoly the  member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in1987. Other academicians presenting at the meeting expressed the idea about  incapacity of modern science which had led the whole planet to the edge of ecological catastrophe and to the risk of nuclear self destruction despite virtuous intentions of its discoveries and inventions. Who is guilty that neurons of human brain fulfill  only 4-8% of their work? Why is the number and types  of illnesses   increasing despite the enormous efforts of modern medicine? Why do wars, earthquakes,  epidemics and other disasters break out regularly? What kind of science could   defend people from all misfortunes and give back people mind and all possible  creative abilities, possessed by only a few people? The only bridge to such a science were the legends about The Golden Age. But the modern science considered the ideas of that time as a fairy-tale. Nobody was interested  in knowledge which was in mankind`s possession of that time. Though, owing to  that knowledge, there were no wars, deceases, disasters on the Earth. All people were happy, their lifetime was longer. Those legends also say that God Himself having  created the man, created the Great Universal Science for protecting the mankind from  all Cosmos threats.

Being present  during that discussion Popov Anatoly, employee of the plant KAMAZ  from Naberezhnye Chelny, didn`t have his own laboratory and any science degree and he lived far from Moscow. Each vacation he spent in trips to different places in hope of finding any information about the “installation”. He spent a lot of years on travelling to ruins of ancient temples and on decoding of ancient scrolls, architecture masterpieces and bas-reliefs. But all those trips were not in vain, the gave him a lot of new acquaintances with famous writers and travelers, searchers of the truth. As the result, A. Popov managed to find out the mention that people were told some time ago about salvational science about trees and roots which was the basis for creating  “installation” elements.

A.Popov united  all the information how to build the  “installation”. During collecting the information  it was discovered what the installation should fight against, the reasons of  Apocalypse, what things are able to move the platform of the earth and what urges the pressure in the Earth mantle and gives birth to volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami, what affects human psyche and what doesn`t allow to find peace in the whole world.

The results

At day time an  ordinary  person is able to see only the installation itself and its separate elements sunk into the earth. At night people see nothing. But if we use a camera of a definite exposition we will be able to see an enamors number of spheres coming out from the installation.

The Spheres

The information about definitely these spheres is traced in all the sources about  the rebirth of the Great Universal Science. And the top of all types of temples has a connection with this element. On the photos 1-6 we can see that between the domes of religious buildings (representing the world) and the upper detail (representing Kingdom of Heaven) there is a sphere connecting them all.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour The Cathedral of Saint Peter Taj Mahal
Synagogue The Temple of Krishna The Temple of Buddha


  • The right name for these spheres is   monads.
    A monad is simultaneously an embryo of material life of the universe and a builder of the life in it. The monad came from the outer space with written down programme of the  conceiving of all life forms and  inseminated  the core of the Earth. Turning  around the core it gave birth to 7 types of monads (the first one was its twin for further  reclamation of the universe and the other six for creation  of plant life , water, atmosphere,  thalassophilus, fauna and human beings). All those monads came the long way from the core to the surface of the Earth through 21 canals through the earth stratum.
  • Therefore life appeared on the Earth.
  • Having  an ethereal  structure,  monads have an ability to record on themselves positive information as well as negative one.
    As far as we know from the history of the mankind, human sins  have led to  wars, conflicts and other misfortunes which have not been finished yet. The monads began to absorb this kind of information and became black, carrying inside the programme of life destroying. Each seventh monad was going into the outer space. If such a monad appears on some planet, it could have generated only evil.  Some aliens from planets beyond the bounds of the Solar system came on our planet and put the pyramids on the surface of the Earth as well as under the water and under the ground  (the Egyptians duplicated that experience also building  the Pyramids). Those pyramids created an energetical net and locked those black monads in the fourth dimension. But  the net had a serious drawback:  the Earth was divided into geomagnetic and hepatogenic zones. The  black monads stopped to appear on the surface but still they remained dangerous. Precisely this kind of monads make trouble in the  earth stratum, moving tectonic plates, magma, they even have a great influence on human mind, creating positive environment for conflicts of different rate and degree.
  • All missions and prophets of all religions known had the information about the ways of how to let the monads  be free and how to reprogramme them. But all this knowledge wasn`t used because of many  reasons.  Only the pictures of the spheres on all temples depict the common vision of the problem source. Moreover, the way of solving the problem is shown on many temples with help of symbols. Under domes we can see the alcove consisting of pillars (four or six pillars) which symbolize the “installation” under the description.
  • To let the monads go from the fourth dimension and to reprogramme them it was necessary to find the time field. The time field was found on the cut of time rings of two  species of wood (picture 1). Connecting two trunks with shortened roots and caved part of the heartwood, it became possible to create the time capsule (picture 2). Locating  capsules  strictly according to the parts of the world and putting the most powerful ones in the center, we received a working model. The roots beneath the capsule  are getting the energy from the earth, the roots at the top of the capsule are getting the energy from the outer space, the caved part of the heartwood is used as a reactor where the opening of the fourth dimension is taking place.

Picture1. Time rings on the cut of the wood.

Picture1. Time rings on the cut of the wood.

  • The black monad escapes into our dimension and it is immediately changed by the “installation” and then it becomes one of seven monads which appeared on the Earth`s surface at the beginning of the Earth`s life. On the photograph (picture 7) you can  see the monad black in the middle and white on the edges. So here you can see the process of reprogramming at the entire beginning of the “installation” work. In a week after building up of the “installation” its power increased owing to the process of   gradual drying which  provided opening of the canals of energy moving and the monads were reprogrammed immediately at the exit into our dimension in the body of the wood. On the next photos (pictures 8-10) only one-coloured monads are shown.

pictures 7 pictures 8 pictures 9
pictures 10  

What is necessary to do with this knowledge?

There is an enormous number of monads in the earth. They will be emerging and will be reprogrammed for many  years. If we put 12  “installations” along the Earth`s parallel between the latitude of 50-60 N, the number of monads` emergences will increase, the power of black monads will be weakened therefore there will be no reason for  the mankind to be afraid of natural disasters. This  “installation” is mentioned in chronicles as “Tree of Life”.

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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