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Apocalypse is abolished!

Today  each  the second inhabitant of the Earth wonders if  the Judgment day will come in 2012 or we all will be lucky and the prediction won`t come true. It`s obvious that it`s a question which is worth discussing. But it would be much better to ask ourselves: What can I personally do to prevent the Judgment day? And this question is really essential for us to begin to act.

An  oak appears from an acorn,  an embryo becomes a human – this is the universal truth. You can be a  Hindu, a Buddhist, a Hebrew, a Christian or a Moslem or you can be an atheist. But it doesn`t matter. Because Apocalypse is a programme which is quite  alterable and can be reprogrammed. So  this idea is the main goal of our program “Stop Apocalypse!” founded in 1992.

We are glad to inform you that the  legendary Arc of the Covenant has been really recreated as a result of our activity. It was reconstructed in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatar Republic in 1992.  This Arc is the real biologically computed key for 7 gates of the Future. The key calls off Apocalypse and switches on the System of spiritual   renaissance of the whole Earth. The key is the main object of the Great Universal Science, which the God himself handed over to humankind with help of His Angels in order to protect humans from  disasters and Cosmos threats.
Tree of Life, Arc of the Covenant, Holy Grail are only different terms in myths, legends and in Holy Scripture for the truth of the godhead programme of Human Life.

The Bible says: “ After the God created the Earth, He put  the Tree of Life and  Lignum Vitae ( the tree of knowledge of good and evil)”.
“ The image of the Great Universal Science itself has been  still drawn  in the heaven space in the form of modern temples. Somebody has  been drawing circles in fields  for thousand years already what of  should give us understanding of this essential knowledge. At last, having rinsed my eyes (as it is said in Bible) and having looked again  at the architecture of all kinds of temples, it dawned on me that there is an alcove consisted of pillars  on the most honorable top of all temples. Also, there are spheres above the round roof of the alcove. The alcove itself is situated on the big dome symbolizing the Earth. All this prolated up architecture asks us to put the alcove on the ground and to unlock the spheres from the captivity of the Earth. People made a mistake building everything they had seen  - the only thing they should have built were those alcoves which are the  Arc of the Covenant which in its turn is to transfer us in another life, the life without wars, tortures, sufferings and disasters. But it is  necessary to get to know what the spheres are and why we need to let them go up and who should do it. There were enough information about those spheres in ancient religions to realize what important role they had already played in rebirth of life on the Earth.” - These are the words of the originator of the installation A.V. Popov

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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