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What is the Stopapocalypse?

In simple terms, in the 90' of the twentieth century, a Russian citizen Anatoly Vladimirovich Popov, through long searches, experiments, failures and victories, revived the "Tree of Life" technology.

What is the Tree of Life in this context?
In the modern language, many terms and concepts have unfortunately lost their original and basic meaning that they had when they were first named. Mostly the meaning is abolished and the word, or term, is simply used in common parlance. The same thing has happened with the concept of the Tree of Life. Think back, what do you know about this term? The basic concepts are those of genealogical and biblical.
When it comes to genealogy, people reconstruct their genealogy from their ancestors, and if you order this research from a special organization for a certain amount of money, you can find noble roots in most of them. As far as Biblical interpretation is concerned, the Tree of Life was growing in the Garden of Eden during Adam and Eve's time there, before them and after. While Adam and Eve ate of its fruit, they were immortal, but after they ate of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, their time in Paradise ended.
Also the Tree of Life has mythological concepts etc. That Tree of Life that Popov recreated is neither religious, nor mythological, nor genealogical, nor romantic - it is realistic and exists in our dimension, and serves the purpose of saving humanity from many evils. It is an earthly projection of that paradisaical Tree of Life, made from materials found in our present world. Popov is confident that his Installation can serve each of us here on Earth.

I, Ravil Minakhmetovich Gamirov, met Popov in 2009 and was extremely surprised by several elements of this metaphysical phenomenon:
- the elemental base made of wood only;
- the work of the time capsules which build the Tree of Life;
- the simplicity of this whole man-made installation, despite the complexity of the task at hand;
- and, above all, the selfless and sincere enthusiasm of A. V. Popov, who wanted to spread the knowledge about the Tree of Life and the practical benefits of this installation for the service of the human race.

We joined forces and in 2010 created the largest Tree of Life available on our planet at the time, and still is today.  It wasn't an easy project, and it also required a financial outlay, but we believed that by December 2012, it was better to do all that could be done than to regret what we hadn't done. This is how the Stop apocalypse program, and later the Eurasian Stop apocalyptic Society, were born.
Our goal is to make the world a safer place for our generation and that of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The installation of the Tree of Life in the problem area can be expected to reduce seismic and volcanic activity by changing the monad program from destructive to constructive.
This website and my short book “Stopapocalypse” will help you understand how it works."

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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