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Spheres – Monads

The  legends tell us that once upon a time Monad with the full information about genesis of life come flying on the Earth from the outer space.

A monad is simultaneously an embryo of material life of the universe and a builder of the life in it. The monad came from the outer space with written down programme of the  conceiving of all life forms and  inseminated  the core of the Earth. Turning  around the core it gave birth to 7 types of monads (the first one was its twin for further  reclamation of the universe and the other six for creation  of plant life , water, atmosphere,  thalassophilus, fauna and human beings). All those monads came the long way from the core to the surface of the Earth through 21 canals through the earth stratum.

Transfigured monads emerging through the Tree of Life are the divine monad mentioned in the Koran.

“Thus, Divine Monad is as  the Divine Principle (nominally God or Our Lord), it is the basic element of all creation,  the source of all forms of life on the Earth, and in its absolute perfection It doesn`t possess the substance. Close-in there is  a sphere of godhead, where the first  found the form (angels, genies) come from; next there is a group of elders – Supreme Assembly of  Saints  which borders with Procreation of the World – Kingdom of Heaven with its paradise and its underworld. ”

Koran. Commentary (Tafsir).

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Apocalypse is abolished!
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